Transparent Starfish sticker is held up from the left of the image by a hand

Starfish Suncatcher Sticker

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Place this rainbow maker on any window that receives direct light (east, west and south-facing only) and watch as a rainbow aura fills your space. This decal in removable and adjustable since it adheres with static cling only - no adhesives!

Place this suncatcher decal on your brightest window and see a subtle rainbow aura shine into your home! This decal is made of vinyl and applies with water. You can move it around to follow the sun, switch it between rooms or re-gift it to a friend.

It can be washed and removed easily.

  • West-facing windows = evening rainbows
  • East-facing windows = morning rainbows
  • South-facing windows = mid-day rainbows
  • North-facing windows = not recommended

Created in Halifax by Prismatic Kitty